GMTs Stack Overflow chat room

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These are some basic rules/FAQs for the GMTs Stack Overflow chat room


This room was initially created in order to moderate SO R tag during the GMT time zones due to inactivity of most of the users during this time of the day. Hence, making the moderation harder. Though, with time it evolved into a room where we just make fun of @CathG most of the time.

Basic Rules

  1. If you have at least 1K reputation at any Stack Exchange site, you can request for a write access.

  2. Anyone can say pretty much anything in the room as long as it is respectful of others.

  3. Please don't post answers of yours in the chat room in order to collect pity up votes.

  4. Please don't link specific users in the chat room in order to mob down vote them.

  5. Anyone can ask for help, but this is not a help-ONLY room - goofing around in between is mandatory.

Being a room owner

This is a community chat room, hence anyone can apply for a room owner - under certain conditions:

  1. You must follow the Basic Rules

  2. You must be at least of 3K reputation so you can also participate in moderation of the R tag

  3. You must participate in room moderation while active in the room, which means

    • Approve/deny write access by request. If a user was been denied write access, they must be informed of the reason (by also linking this page) and added to the "Explicit read access" section so other room owners will know this user has been dealt with.
    • Inform other users upon not following the basic rules, and take action if needed.
  4. It's preferable you also participate in the R tag moderation when possible.